Saving Your Natural Tooth

Saving Your Natural Tooth

As an endodontics practice, it’s our number one goal to save your natural tooth. After all, there is nothing that feels or functions better than a natural tooth. Despite your excellent oral care habits, sometimes a tooth can become infected or suffer an injury that calls for additional care. In these cases, it may seem easier or more cost-effective to have the tooth pulled — but the fact remains that missing a tooth will negatively affect your future oral health, and tooth restoration treatments such as dental implants can be costly, uncomfortable, and time-consuming. With modern endodontic care comes a second chance for teeth that may otherwise require extraction. Endodontists are highly trained specialists in evaluating and preserving your teeth for years to come with root canals and other therapies.

Because retaining your natural teeth is always the best choice for your oral health and the aesthetics of your smile, you should seek endodontic treatment before choosing extraction and tooth restoration.

The following tips may help save your tooth:

  • When your dental provider gives you a choice between an extraction and root canal, always choose the root canal! Dentures, bridges, and other tooth restorations such as dental implants will not look, feel, and function the way your natural tooth does. You may experience trouble eating the foods you love, and your restoration may not look as natural as you would like.
  • Seek endodontic care as soon as possible if you experience symptoms of swelling, pain, or tooth discoloration.
  • If your dental provider recommends tooth extraction, ask them if a root canal is an option. If so, seek endodontic care promptly. The longer you postpone treatment, the more you risk losing your chance to save the tooth.
  • If you’re told root canal is not an option in your case, request a referral to a trusted endodontist who will diagnose your condition and recommend a treatment that may save the tooth.

Despite some of the myths you may have heard, root canals have an excellent success rate, and many root canal-treated teeth last a lifetime. Root canals are also virtually painless, as endodontists are highly trained in pain management. In fact, root canals are often less uncomfortable than an extraction procedure. With modern technology and anesthetics, your root canal is a pain-free, healthy way to avoid losing your tooth to extraction.

Saving Your Natural Tooth in Hiawatha, IA

If you require endodontic treatment in Hiawatha or the surrounding areas, Apex Endodontics has the expertise to perform the highest quality endodontic treatments. It’s our aim to save your tooth so that you can maintain your natural smile, comfortably eat the foods you love, and avoid additional dental care that can be costly and painful. If you would like to have your tooth evaluated by a trusted endodontist, please contact Apex Endodontics to schedule a consultation with Dr. Morio. We look forward to offering you the very best endodontic care.